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Shorter labours - less interventions - less epidurals - happier birth outcomes - better breastfeeding results - well prepared postpartum period




Despite it being our third baby, we still learnt a great deal about the birthing process which I found very helpful in understanding pain and lengthy labour. 


Welcome to our antenatal video course. With this course you will be able to learn about how you can set yourself up for a successful birth by preparing mind, body and surroundings. You’ll also discover what you can expect during labour, birth and postpartum.

Finally, every class will teach you the theory behind the subject, and practical tips and tricks as well. The course consists of about 6 hours worth of video material, divided in 7 videos to help you learn at your own pace. 

All the modules in the video course:


Parts 1 and 2:


How to find the right team for your birth

Mental Preparation:


Re-frame your mind for birth.

Breathing & relaxation exercises

Physical Education 

and Preparation.

Parts 1,2 and 3:


Prepare your body for birth.

Learn about what is normal and abnormal to expect during labour and birth.

Birth plan:


All the interventions your healthcare provider might perform.

How to write a birth plan that communicates the birth you desire



Education and practical tips on optimal latching and positioning



What you can expect from the postpartum period.

How to take care of your newborn infant.

Monthly subscription package:

Pay SGD$ 25 each month, for as long as you need the course. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Yearly subscription package:

Pay SGD$ 150 for one year access.

50% cheaper than the monthly subscription!