Let's create your birth story.


Pregnancy and childbirth can be intimidating. Especially in a foreign country, far away from friends and family.

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"I am worried I won't be able to
manage my contractions. I am 
afraid for how long labor can take."

mental support


less fear leads to less tension in the body, which will lead to less pain, resulting in shorter labor

  • work through fears and worries

  • coping methods for labor

  • breathing techniques

  • emotional support and
    reassurance from somebody
    you trust

"What can I do to cope during
a contraction?"

physical support

shorter labor, less pain, faster recovery and lower chance of complications

  • exercises to aid baby in descending

  • massage and counter pressure for pain management

  • positions and movement 

  • hydrotherapy (labouring with water)

"What can I expect during labor? 
When should I go to the hospital?


making more informed choices, understanding the process, & strengthening you in knowing your options

  • normal and abnormal labor patterns

  • interventions & possible complications

  • breastfeeding and baby care

"I don't want anything enforced upon me. How can I make sure this stays my own birth story?"


This will make you feel in control, owning your experience. 

  • help you to think critically

  • encourage you to ask questions

  • facilitate communication between you and your healthcare providers

..."Labour is a crazy ride and Athina was there every step of the way. (...)I never felt alone during my whole birth and postpartum experience, and that is all because of Athina."